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HydraBallast™ Water Ballast

$ 15.95


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HydraBallast™ Water Ballast

$ 15.95

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      Easily weigh down items with our water ballasts. These fillable ballasts simply anchor what needs to be kept down including party tents, pool covers, and more. Compact to store and durable, these water ballasts can take you from season to season and meet many different needs.

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The Easy-to-Deploy HydraBallast Water Ballast

Keeping items in place has never been easier. Our light-weight blendable ballasts fill quickly with water and provide the stability you need to keep party tents, pool covers, and so much more in place.

HydraBallast - We're Holding Steady™

  • Easily Anchors – the filling capacity of 5 gallons adds up to 42 pounds of weight and stability to hold down protective coverings
  • Designed to Blend – available in white to work with party tents, pool covers, and other decor
  • Hanging Option – sturdy bag easily hangs for even more usage options
  • Simple to Store – each bag folds up and lays flat
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly – simply refill with water
  • Lightweight – each empty HydraBallast weighs about one pound
  • Durable – made out of industrial strength Tarpaulin 

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Additional Information

HydraBallast FAQs

Q – How does a ballast work?

A –  HydraBallasts can act as weights or as non-potable water storage containers. Simply fill with water and place.  

Q – What material is the HydraBallast made of?

A – HydraBallasts are made of industrial strength .5mm PVC Tarpaulin.

Q – How do I use the HydraBallast?

A – Simply fill with water and place on the area where you need extra weight.

Q – What are HydraBallasts used for?

A- When weight and stability are needed, HydraBallast water bags easily deliver. Perfect to help secure tents (at wedding, campsites) pool covers, and tarps. HydraBallast also function as a non-potable water storage container.

Q – How much does a HydraBallast weigh?

A – Unfilled HydraBallasts weigh 1.5 lbs. Filled HydraBallasts weigh 40 lbs.

Q – How many times can a HydraBallasts be used?

A – HydraBallasts are designed to be very durable and can be used over and over again.

Q – Can multiple HydraBallasts be used together?

A – Yes, HydraBallasts are individual weights that can be placed next to each other as required.

Q – What happens if the water in my HydraBallast freezes?

A – When HydraBallasts are used in extreme cold conditions, it is recommended that they be filled to no more than 2/3 capacity. This will allow for expansion if the water freezes. The cold temperatures will not have any adverse effect on the HydraBallasts material or construction, they can be continued to be used over and over. Tip: The water in the HydraBallasts can be treated with antifreeze to avoid freezing.

Q – How do I store HydraBallasts when I’m done using them?

A – Simply remove the filler cap and drain the water from the HydraBallast and store in any convenient location. The HydraBallast will be there waiting for the next time it is needed.

Q – Are there any special care instructions for HydraBallasts?

A – Yes, though HydraBallasts are made out of industrial strength vinyl, they are not immune to punctures. Take care not to drag or place the HydraBallast over sharp or abrasive objects.

Q – Can I store drinking water in a HydraBallast?

A – No, water that is used in a HydraBallast is not meant to be potable. However, the HydraBallast is an excellent vehicle for storing or transporting non-potable water.

Q – How much water can a HydraBallast hold?

A – A HydraBallast can hold 5 gallons of water.

Q – What other applications are HydraBallasts used for?

A – In addition to assisting in areas where extra weight and stability are required, HydraBallasts are commonly used as anchors to secure possessions in windy conditions. They are also an excellent solution for anchoring tarps on trucks and to prevent other covers from blowing away in windy conditions. HydraBallasts are also used for storing and transporting non-potable water as well as erosion control.

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