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HydraBarrier® Titan (20" Height)

HydraBarrier® Titan (20" Height)

  • 59500

 Description Price (USD)
HydraBarrier Titan, 20 inch height, 20ft length $595.00
HydraBarrier Titan, 20 inch height, 50ft length $995.00

The Eco-friendly Sandbag Alternative

  • Titan Height – diverts up to 20 inches of water 
  • Fill and Empty Quickly – each barrier has a large 4" fill opening for quick filling
  • Easy to Store – heavy duty tubes roll up when done
  • Reusable and Eco-friendly – simply refill with water
  • Durable – made out of industrial strength materials
  • Available in 2 Lengths – to optimize your protection

HydraBarrier Titan Documentation

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