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HydraPump® Smart Automatic Pump

$ 109.95


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HydraPump® Smart Automatic Pump

$ 109.95

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HydraPump Smart Pump (2000 GPH)

HydraPump Smart Automatic Pump - Buy the Smart Submersible Water Pump - Ready to Get Pumped Up™?

  • Unique – Large 2,000 GPH pumping capacity quickly moves water. Submersible water pump Includes 36 ft. max head (distance from water source to discharge point) and removes water down to less than a ⅓ of an inch
  • HydraSense – Sensor allows pump to function automatically. Pump just starts when it senses water at ⅓ of an inch
  • Powerful – Quickly moves water with a heavy duty motor operating at 120V with strong pumping capacity and long pump life
  • Versatile – Hose connections allows a standard garden hose to be connected out of the box or the adapter can be modified to for different hose types on this submersible water pump
  • Tough – Made of durable and corrosion resistant plastic material for maximum portability and durability

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Additional Information

Looking for additional information on how HydraPump Smart operates? View Manual.

HydraPump FAQs

Q - How do I service my submersible water pump? 

A – Please see our videos at our YouTube channel here.

Q - My pump arrived broken, what should I do?

A - If your pump was damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately at info@hydrabarrier.com and we’ll work to resolve your situation.

Q - I don’t know a lot about submersible pumps and I’m worried about how I should set up my pump. What  should I do?

A - We design these products and have nerds/engineers that you can contact that can assist in helping you with your setup issues. They’re pumped to hear your questions!  Please reach out to info@hydrabarrier.com.

Q - The HydraPump Smart submersible water pump starts and stops frequently, why?

A - Sometimes a configuration allows water to flow back towards the input from the outlet hose which causes it to cycle on and off. In this case, a check valve would be needed to stop this from happening.

Q - My pump is not pumping as much as I expected. Why?

A - There are a couple causes of this. First, the output piping/hose could be kinked or blocked and that would need to be removed. Second, the pump performance is lowered the higher the pump has to pump. Lower the height of the outlet hose or contact us for suggestions from our engineers at info@hydrabarrier.com.

Q - Is this the same as a submersible sump pump or submersible utility pump?

A - This is similar to a submersible sump pump in its function.

Q - Is this considered a small pump - like a small submersible water pump or small submersible pump?

A - This is considered a small submersible pump.

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HydraPump Smart Introductory Video