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HydraPump™ Submersible

HydraPump™ Submersible

  • 6995

  • Ready to Use – Can immediately connect to a standard garden hose for use out of box
  • Powerful Efficient 3/4 HP water cooled motor operating at 120V from a wall socket with up to 3000 GPH of flow
  • Durable and Lightweight Made of strong ABS plastic with a larger copper wound motor to allow for efficient operation and longer pump life.
  • General Purpose Float switch with tether to allow for pit applications or standard submersible applications
  • Clean or Dirty Water Pump design allows for use in clean or dirty applications
  • Flat Base Base allows pump to rest easy on a flat bottom and the drain down to a height of 1" to allow the pump to operate in muddy or silty environments
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