FAQ - HydraTowel

Q – How do I use the HydraTowel?
A – HydraTowel is designed as an ultra absorbent towel for cleaning up large liquid deposits.

Q – How much water can a HydraTowel absorb? 
A – HydraTowels can absorb close to a gallon of liquid.

Q – How big is a HydraTowel?
A – HydraTowels are 36″ wide by 60″ tall.

Q – How many times can a HydraTowel be used?
A – HydraTowels are designed to be very durable and can be used over and over again. When a HydraTowel becomes saturated, simply wring out the HydraTowel and re-use as needed.

Q – Can a HydraTowel be machine-washed?
A – Yes HydraTowels can be washed in a washing machine.

Q – What is the recommended mechanism for drying a HydraTowel?
A – After machine-washing, simply hang up the HydraTowel and allow to air dry. This step is not always necessary as HydraTowel can be used when wet; simply wring any excess liquid from the HydraTowel prior to using.

Q – Can a HydraTowel by used in a Dryer?
A – Yes HydraTowels can be put in a dryer (although some wearing of the HydraTowel logo may occur).

Q – Can HydraTowels be cut in to small sections to make several smaller towels?
A – Yes, this is a common use model allowing smaller sections of the HydraTowel to be stored in boats, cars, and other places where water buildup may occur.