FAQ - HydraBarrier Links

Q – What are HydraBarrier Links made of?
A – HydraBarrier Links are made from industrial strength vinyl.

Q – Can different sized HydraBarrier Links be used to connect different sized HydraBarriers? 
A – HydraBarrier Links can only be used to connect HydraBarriers of similar sizes. Our HydraBarrier Supreme Link connects two of our 12″ high HydraBarrier Supremes. The HydraBarrier Ultra Link connects two of our 6″ high HydraBarriers Ultras. Our HydraBarrier Standard Link connects two of our 4″ high HydraBarriers Standards.

Q – How can HydraBarrier Links be used?
A – HydraBarrier Links easily extend the area to be protected from water damage. You simply wrap the link around two of the same-sized HydraBarriers and secure in place with the Velcro fasteners.

Q – How do I store the HydraBarrier Links when I’m done? 
A – Simply remove the HydraBarrier Link from the HydraBarrier and store in any convenient location. We recommend storing similar sized links with similar sized HydraBarriers.

Q – Are there any special care instructions?
A – Yes, though HydraBarrier Links are made out of industrial strength materials they are not immune to punctures. Take care not to drag or place the HydraBarrier Links over sharp or abrasive objects.