Home Solutions

Watershed Innovations serves home owners in the United States and beyond with innovative products that protect from water damage. HydraBarrier® Sandbag Alternatives and HydraBarrier® Links provide protection from flooding, HydraBallast™ adds stability to protective coverings, and HydraTowel™ makes water cleanup simple and effective.

Our products are utilized in these key areas and many others:

Flood Control – The HydraBarrier system of protection is the ultimate homeowner insurance policy against flash flooding. These easy-to-use sandbag replacements can be deployed in minutes and can divert water in emergency flash flood situations. HydraBarriers are lightweight, industrial strength water tubes, used to protect property in the event river flooding or any other occurrence where flood control measures are required.

Erosion Control – HydraBarriers are multipurpose water tubes that are key to an erosion prevention strategy. These flexible water tubes can serve as water barriers that can divert storm water. They can be used as an erosion prevention device, replacing four or more sandbags.

Water Container – Both HydraBarriers and HydraBallasts have the additional benefit of being water containers. For example, the HydraBarrier Standard product is capable of holding up to 10 gallons of non-potable water per tube. Ultra and Supreme HydraBarriers can hold many more gallons.

Disaster Preparedness – Our products make the perfect addition to disaster survival kits. HydraBarriers are lightweight, easy to store water diversion devices that can replace 4 or more sandbags and HydraTowels provide industrial level clean-up capabilities. These are an essential requirement for emergency kits especially in areas where hurricanes or monsoons can strike.

Weight & Stability – When weight and stability are needed, HydraBallast and HydraBarrier water bags easily deliver. With our products protective coverings are anchored so that large party tents, shifting pool covers, and other vulnerable areas are weighed down.

Drying & Cleaning Up – For industrial size clean-up and everyday drying, HydraTowel’s huge 36″ by 60″ size make it perfect for even the largest job. Holding 12x its weight in liquid without dripping or leaking, HydraTowel is highly effective and absorbent

HydraBarrier’s are an ideal alternative for sandbags and can be used in a variety of home solutions including water diversion and protection from flood damage. You can perform effective storm water management with this inflatable product that is available in a variety of sizes. You can control the flow of water and by strategically placing HydraBarriers.