Watershed Products in Action

HydraBarrier Supreme - bending around objects on each side 

This Supreme (12" x 6') being used on a boat launch.  The customer has underfilled the Supreme in order to get a bend on either end to suit the needs of their particular situation.  Love the ingenuity of our customers!  

Supreme in use



HydraBarrier Ultra - bending to fit into limited area

This Ultra (6" x 12') is bent in two spots to fit into the available space.  The six foot barrier in the background combined with the longer barrier in the foreground  are being used to contain dirty water from pressure washing out a trash chute in a small section of the walkway. (Thank you to Excimex for sending in this photo)



HydraBarrier Standard - keeping garage dry

 This Standard (4" x 24') is being used to keep storm water out of a garage.  On the right side, in front of the barrier, the rain water is covering the driveway.  On the left side, behind the barrier, a few inches of the driveway and the apron of the garage are nice and dry. 


HydraBarrier Titan

This HydraBarrier Titan - 20 inches in height- is being used to protect a yard against incursion from lake water.  The Titans come in 20 feet and 50 feet in length.  Although they do not bend, they are helpful for large areas and protect against almost 2 feet of water height.