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Talking Tarps: Tie Down Tips for Improving Tarp Longevity

October 13 2022 – Heather Petersen

Talking Tarps: Tie Down Tips for Improving Tarp Longevity

Talking Tarps: Tie Down Tips for Improving Tarp Longevity

What’s the best way to keep an industrial-strength tarp in good shape for the longer haul? Customers often ask us! It all starts with how you physically position your tarp and tie it down for use.

Here’s what you can do to get the most of your HydraTarp:

Think Flexibility 

When securing your tarp, consider using an elastic material like ball bungee cords or bungee tie downs. Bungee cords will move with the wind which will more evenly distribute the stress along the tarp. This will greatly reduce the chances of your tarp ripping or the grommets failing. Top tip: Avoid tying your tarp down with rope as it lacks the flexibility needed.

Install Your Tarp for Success 

#1 Survey the area to ensure that the covering will not go over sharp spots or points that will protrude and damage the tarp either immediately or over time. Make adjustments as needed!

#2 Install your tarp with bungees attached to the grommets and consider adding tarp clips and bungee cords if needed. Then, attach the bungee to the tie down points.

#3 Check your work – by making sure the bungees are taught but not tight and that the tarp is as flat as possible so that it does not get picked up and stressed by the wind. Consider tucking in any loose edges.

Remember to get help from a friend or family member – especially with handling larger tarps! Proper tie down will go a long way towards ensuring your tarps longevity and is a good step in protecting your tarp investment.

See the Product Guides in the Resources section on our website (https://hydrabarrier.com/pages/product-guides) for more tips!

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