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Industrial Solutions

Watershed Innovations serves industries with large-scale water protection needs.
HydraBarrier® Sandbag Alternatives and HydraBarrier® Links provide protection from flooding, HydraBallast™ adds stability to protective coverings, and HydraTowel™ makes water cleanup simple and effective.

Our products are utilized by these industries and many others:

  • Agriculture – Farms and agricultural companies can better protect crops and land from soil erosion and contain fertilizer residue when washing crops with our extendable sandbag alternatives and other products.
  • Construction – with soil movement and displacement at construction sites, our products provide an essential protective element to new properties under development by shielding vulnerable areas.
  • Emergency/Military – both at home and abroad, emergency crews and military branches are easily prepared for flood threats, new construction, and farming projects with our light-weight, durable products.
  • Manufacturing – with valuable equipment and inventory at stake, manufacturing facilities utilize our solutions for protection from flood damage and for water clean-up. Our products also aid in cleaning or power washing, by keeping hazardous materials from entering the water supply.

Industrial companies can shop our website or email us to apply for credit.

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