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HydraSorber™ Sandless Sandbag

$ 25.95

Length x Width | 4'x8", 3 Pack


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HydraSorber™ Sandless Sandbag

$ 25.95

Length x Width

4'x8", 3 Pack

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      Take control with our absorbent tube sandbags — they're formable to corners and can nest against walls to guard against unwanted water. Our sandbag alternative tubes absorb and swell when in contact with water, create durable barriers, and are ideal for everyday leaks and errant rainwater.

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    • Variant: 4'x8", 3 Pack
    • SKU: HydraSorber-Jute-4ft-3Pack
    • Weight: 3.0 lb
    • Product Type: Water Barrier

In Depth

Buy HydraSorber Tube Sandbags Online Today

Description Price (USD)
HydraSorber 4ft: 4ft length, up to 4 inches high inflated $25.95 (3 pack)
HydraSorber 11ft: 11ft length, up to 4 inches high inflated $23.95 (single)

The Eco-friendly Self-inflating Sandbag Alternative

The absorbent, self-inflating sandless sandbag solution HydraSorber protects valuable assets from water damage. HydraSorber is an effective alternative to traditional sand bags in the event of unexpected and unwanted water around your home, business, or property. This sandless sandbag alternative is stuffed with environmentally friendly material, is very light before swelling, and comes in a variety of sizes that can be easily disposed of after the water threat is over.

HydraSorber -We've Got the Stuff!™

  • Lightweighta freshly opened HydraSorber tube sandbag weighs a little more than a pound
  • Multiple Usessimply place sandbag alternative where water is an issue for either blocking water or absorbing water
  • Extendable and Stackablefor even longer and taller tube sandbag barriers
  • Convenient Sizesavailable in 4ft or 11ft lengths which are up to 4 inches high when the sandless sandbags are fully inflated
  • Eco-friendlyeasily dispose of these tube sandbags at the end of storm season

How can I get the sandbag alternative?

If you are looking for flood bags or sandless sandbags, look no further. You can order yours here. Keep your home and property protected from the dangers of flooding. Don't wait until it's too late, order the HydraSorber sandbag alternative today and be prepared!

Additional Information

HydraSorber FAQs

Q – How much water can a HydraSorber divert?

A – HydraSorbers can be stacked to divert large amounts of water.

Q – How do I use the HydraSorber?

A – Place where there is an issue with water and follow the included directions.

Q – What Happens if my HydraSorber comes in contact with Salt Water?

A – If your HydraSorber comes in contact with salt water it will not swell properly or at all. The salt water stops the absorption process for the SAP material in the HydraSorber and the HydraSorber becomes unusable. The alternative is to pre-soak the HydraSorber with fresh water from a hose or in a bathtub. This will inflate the HydraSorber which then can be placed where needed to repel incoming water, salt or fresh.

Q – How do I store my HydraSorbers?

A – Place your vacuum sealed HydraSorbers in cool dry place for storage.

Q – What is the slippery material leaking from my HydraSorber and is it safe?

A – The HydraSorbers are filled with a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which inflates when wet. There is a slight bit of extra SAP in the HydraSorber to better insure inflation. As a result, some of the material may escape. The SAP is safe and will break down relatively quickly. Please make sure to wipe away any excess material if there is a concern for slipping or hazardous situations.

Q – Where to get sandbags near me?

A - We're often asked are our customers can get sandbags near them and find out the best way to order is often online! Order sandbag alternatives here today or through our partners. While traditional sandbags are heavy and messy,  we suggest the HydraSorber (self-filling tubes for water absorption) or the HydraBarrier (pre-fill with water for water diversion).

Q – What to use instead of sandbags?

A - Our customers often ask what to use instead of sandbags and we suggest the HydraSorber (self-filling tubes for water absorption) or the HydraBarrier (pre-fill with water for water diversion).

Q –Can you fill sandbags with dirt?

A – While traditional sandbags are filled with sand, our standard alternative products come prefilled with eco-friendly material (in the case of the HydraSorber) or can be filled with water (in the case of the HydraBarrier)

Q –What's the easiest way to get your sandbag alternatives?

A – If you are looking for pre filled sandbags (with absorbent stuffing), flood bags, sandbags for sale, sand tubes, sandless sandbags, or sandbags for flooding, look no further. You can easily order from our website or contact us for more information.

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