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I LOVE your products! I don't know if you are the one to tell... but I LOVE your products. I bought it on a whim just before Hurricane Irene hit the coast of CT and a combination of your product, plastic and duct tape saved my building from flooding and I again used them during SuperStorm Sandy... Gearing up for what mother nature may send us this year.
Renne R
Westport, CT

Keeps Mud out of the Barn

We use HydraBarriers in the winter when the rains come to keep mud out of the bard and away from the horses. Just by putting HydraBarriers in the front of the doors on each side of the bard, we keep out 99% of the mud that used to run in during the storms. The horses stay cleaner, the barn floor isn't slippery anymore, and the hours I used to spend on clean up, now I spend riding my horses. This product is a hundred times better than old sandbags and everyone should use HydraBarriers.
Barbara Ellis
Austin, TX


I LOVE my HydraBarriers!!! I love the rain, always have. Unfortunately, the backyard patio in my home of the past five years was in such a way that when it rains, the patio area floods, and the water can get into the house. So, for the past four winters when it would rain instead of being warm and dry inside in front of the fire watching the rain, I was outside in a raincoat and galoshes with a broom, keeping the one, small patio drain free of leaves or anything else that the rain washed into the it. A larger drain was eventually built outside of the patio area, but the rain still ran to the small drain, flooding the patio. I started to DREAD the rain. I considered getting sandbags, but they were just not realistic for my situation, then I found HydraBarrier. I purchased the six footer in October, and placed it at a location that kept the rain from flooding the patio, directing it to run instead into the new, bigger drain. I'm on my third rainfall this season with absolutely NO flooding, just back to enjoying the rain. I REALLY love this HydraBarrier and am so glad I found it!
Heidi Robinson Fitzgerald


I’m a painting contractor who started using HydraBarriers about a year ago and can honestly say they are a big part of increased customer satisfaction. When we paint a house we typically power wash the house first, to remove any dirt or other debris prior to painting. Often in the process of power washing, one of the workers would get careless around the doors of the house and would shoot streams of dirty water under the door and into the house. Many times, this dirty water would stain carpets, leading to unhappy customers as well as added expense for me, having to pay to get the carpets cleaned. Now, each of my workers carry a HydraBarrier in their trucks and are required to place a HydraBarrier in front of the door while power washing. HydraBarriers are so easy to use that it is not a burden on the workers and has led to happier customers.
David Montgomery Painting
Atlanta, GA

Contains Melting Snow Pack

We use HydraBarriers to divert the runoff of a melting snow pack from coming in our laundry room. We live in an older house and the builder didn’t do a good job of planning when he added on the laundry room. Every year we would have problems in the spring when the snow melts and runoff would come in to our laundry room.<br> Before HydraBarriers, we would have to use a row of sandbags in front of the door to keep the water out. The sandbags were heavy and hard to move. Once in place we rarely moved them until all the snow had melted which is typically a few months. With HydraBarrier, all we do is get them out on warm days, when heavy melting occurs. They are ready in a minute and when the day is done we empty them and put them away. Instead of having sandbags outside the door all spring, we now put HydraBarriers out there only when we need them, probably 6 – 7 days per year!!
Ester Cho
Lake Tahoe, CA



I purchased one of your 10 x 12 super heavy duty tarps in June of 2016, Its the best tarp I have ever purchased. It is used as a wind block for 3 months every summer and the winds are sometimes extreme and it has not torn, ripped, or had a grommet pop or tear.
Phil Sweesy

RV Cover Application

After shopping for an RV cover and finding mediocre reviews on them, we decided on a large tarp. This one is PERFECT!! It's thick and strong. The gromet holes are strong and secure, so we just used bungee cords to loosely anchor it down. It actually keeps our 31 foot TT cooler on the inside! It has withstood heavy rains and winds, as well as 90 degree sunny days. This was definitely a great buy because I think it will last for many years. All the reviews I read about RV covers said they only lasted 1 or 2 seasons. This tarp was well worth the price!
Karen W

Very high quality tarp, well worth the price!

I bought this tarp to use as a boat cover. It is by far the best quality tarp I have ever purchased. The top side is a shade of white and is very reflective, which keeps the boat cooler. The material is thick, and the grommets and D rings allow for a secure tie down. I highly recommend it
Ted L


My fault for ordering the wrong size. Customer service was awesome. The quality of the tarp is great. It is alot thicker that the original cover. I used it to replace a cover for a 10x20 ft. Frame. I should have ordered a14x22ft tarp. Great quality and because it has a dark underside, it provides much more shade. Great quality tarp. Heavy duty for sure. Grommets are brass. I would buy again. I am very pleased with it.
Corey M

After 2 years still going strong!

When I was looking for a product of this quality I never thought it existed, boy was i wrong in the extreme heat and windy monsoon most home supply stores don't carry any product that comes even close to this one that's why when today( 4/5/18) I look back and remember that on July of 20016 U bought this product I had it for two years and looks like i can stand maybe a year or two more. I don't regret buying it i give this product 1000% satisfaction.I know it is only 100% but that's how happy I am. Awesome thick and hardy it is better and cheaper the the ones they have at the building supply store.
C Chino

Industrial Quality

We have two seasons here in Texas... summer and not-summer. Not-summer usually runs from October thru March. The other six months of the year... hot Texas sun, UV and blasting sunlight and 100+ degree heat usually ends up destroying a heavy duty tarp in a year. This one's much heavier duty, albeit about $20 more than my usual one. It's worth the price. Nothing worse than realizing your tarp has failed in the middle of a 4" Texas thunderstorm.
C. Havoc


This is a very heavy duty tarp that I use as a shelter for my dogs so it is in the elements at all times, so far it is holding up as expected & based on the thick gage of this tarp I believe it will give me a lot of service. When I say a lot of service the lesser tarps I have used in the past have lasted around a year, I think this one should last a lot longer.
Satisfied Customer

Great for Pergola Cover!

I just attached this to the top of my pergola and it started raining. I can tel l you it's definitely waterproof and my plants wi l l not drown anymore and I can final l y grill no matter what the weather.Also, with the top being white and the underside being brown, my porch and house are so much cooler and it looks good!
Satisfied Customer



I have finally found an automatic on/off pump for shallow water. With the atmospheric rivers we have been having here in the Sacramento Valley, my yard fills up with water. have automatic sump pumps for deeper water, but part of the patio fills up and does not get deep enough for a sump pump. I had been using small pumps for low areas near the house, but none were automatic so I had to watch them so they did not burn out when the water got too low.
Sacramento, CA

Excess rainfall and flooding problems solved

This is one of the best portable pumps I’ve used and I’ve been through several over the years. The automatic on/off feature is priceless and works incredibly well, especially if you’re using this to collect and move rain water that is unpredictable. It requires almost nothing to setup, and I can leave the house now or go out of town and know that this will provide coverage when we get heavy rains, which are so common now. I can also move it to other problem areas very easily during a rain event or depending on where my issue is. I’m close to buying another so I don’t need to move them around... Only wish I would have bought it much sooner as it’s a game changer for myyard/basement issues.


The built in auto shut off feature under the pump bottom for when water level runs too low is the best I havecseen and protects this pump from burn out. The circular grip top handle makes it easy to handle and the multiple connections for various hose sizes makes it perfect for all needs. It was a perfect choice for ease of use, power and features. Highly recommend.
Mr. Kuala

For Basement flooding

We ordered this pump because we had water in our basement coming through the floor, and we wanted something that would keep up with the water automatically. This pump was a lifesaver, and it is the only one we found that will activate at a shallow depth. We still have a shallow puddle, but the pump has kept it at a constant level and it isn't spreading. It is also pretty quiet. I would highly recommend this product!


Finally a pump that works! Our garage had been flooding but the other "automatic" pumps I had before would keep running even after the water had drained which burned up the pumps which in turn flooded the garage. The HydraPump Smart pump has been working flawlessly and shuts off automatically as it should so now I don't need to worry about it. Definitely recommend.
The Thin Man

Super pumper and great service.

This pump pumped all the water out of the corner of my yard where my neighbor didn't put any kind of barrier up, in fact I still have one still l out there, they yard is saturated and when it rains it puddles, will take it in when it snows. The warranty is great, had one that had a O ring popped out and the engineer sent me a new one right out. I eventually fixed the first one, now I have two.