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HydraBarrier Accessories

Water Barrier Accessories

Our water filled barrier accessories are designed to improve your HydraBarrier experience and are also available for purchase should you need a replacement part.

Get Flood Protection Accessories

Find HydraFill filling devices, HydraLinks to attach HydraBarriers together, vinyl patch kits for HydraBarrier puncture repair, and replacement caps for lost caps below!


  • HydraFill Blue – Designed to fit only HydraBarrier Standard and HydraBarrier Ultra with ease
  • HydraFill Supreme – With a white collar, this filler is designed to fit only HydraBarrier Supreme or the small filler cap on the HydraBarrier Titan
  • Simple – One end attached to a standard garden hose and the other to the HydraBarrier
  • Multi Purpose – Can be used either to add water or remove water from a HydraBarrier

HydraBarrier Links:

Add a HydraBarrier Links for even longer barriers. Available in 3 sizes.

HydraBarrier Vinyl Patch Kit:

If your HydraBarrier suffers a small puncture and requires a repair, our vinyl patch kit can be help. Each patch in this kit is self sticking and does not require additional vinyl glue. Each kit contains 10 patches. Repair instructions are printed on each kit.

HydraBarrier Replacement Caps:

If your HydraBarrier caps become lost, you can order replacements below. Available in different sizes.