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HydraTarp® Collection

We've been protecting homes and property from the elements since 2008. Unable to find true industry strength tarps on the market, our team set out to create thicker and more resilient tarps for a wide variety of applications. HydraTarps are built of heavy-duty material to withstand the elements and come in many styles.

Protective Waterproof Tarp Collection

HydraTarp Heavy Duty, Super Heavy Duty, and Premium Heavy Duty Poly Tarps - Made of polyethylene, these tarps are waterproof and long-lasting. Commonly used to resist UV rays and strong wind over prolonged exposures, these popular uv protected tarps have reinforced corners and corrosive-free grommets and are well-suited for residential and industrial purposes. We are often asked: Is this tarp waterproof? YES! Is this a UV resistant tarp? YES! Shop 14 MIL   Shop 16 MIL   Shop 18 MIL

Camo Tarps -  Designed for shade and coverage, camo tarps are made with a 12 mil thickness that stands up to harsh environments. Beloved by outdoorsmen, campers, RV drivers and more, our green and brown camo tarps allow you to blend in (or stand out)! Shop Now

Clear Tarps -  Designed to let the light in while also enhancing the visibility of covered content, these clear tarps offer industrial grade protection from wind and rain. Often used to protect plants and patios, these uv protected  tarps are also popular for outdoor camping and with RV trucks and trailers. We are often asked is this tarp waterproof? YES! Is this a UV resistant tarp? YES! Shop Now

Need more help identifying the best type of tarp for your needs? See How to Choose the Right Tarp here.

HydraTarp - We've Got You Covered™! Buy tarps at the best prices here, including waterproof tarps.

View our tarps below. See our variety of tarp features - tarps waterproof, UV resistant tarps also known as UV tarps and camo tarps and many more. These are tarps unlimited in their potential.

Note: Our Tarps will measure within 5% of the stated size.