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HydraTarp® Heavy Duty Waterproof Camo Tarp

$ 62.99

Size | 12ft x 20ft


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HydraTarp® Heavy Duty Waterproof Camo Tarp

$ 62.99


12ft x 20ft

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      Manufactured with industrial grade materials, these heavy duty camouflage tarps allow you to blend in (or stand out) and are built to last. This superior green and brown tarp can withstand harsh environments by using high grade (6 oz per square yard weight) material with a 12 mil thickness, double reinforced corners, a thick rope hem along the entire length of all four edges, and the highest quality brass grommets.

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    • Variant: 12ft x 20ft
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    • Weight: 10.0 lb
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HydraTarp Heavy Duty Waterproof Camo Tarp

Description Price (USD)
HydraTarp Camo 12 ft x 20 ft $62.99
HydraTarp Camo 16 ft x 20 ft $74.99
HydraTarp Camo 18 ft x 24 ft

HydraTarp Waterproof Camo Tarp - We've Got You Covered™ with our Protective Waterproof Tarp!

Beloved by outdoorsmen, campers, RV drivers, and more, our Heavy Duty Waterproof Camo Tarp is manufactured with industrial grade materials and built to last.

  • Heavy Duty – material weight is 6 oz per square yard with a 12 mil thickness that stands up to harsh environments
  • Double Reinforced Corners – with rope helm along all four edges
  • Corrosive-free Grommets - brass grommets spaced every 16 to 20 inches
  • Camouflage Colors greens and browns allow you to blend in or stand out
  • UV Protection Layer - on both sides for added protection of assets and longer tarp life
  • Waterproof & Rot Resistant - this waterproof tarp is constructed for maximum protection
  • Variety of Sizes all the sizes listed above for maximum flexibility

Protect your valuables today from the elements today! HydraTarps come with a "No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee". If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of your money!

Additional Information

Looking for additional information and technical specifications? View HydraTarp Camo Data Sheet.

HydraTarp FAQs

Q - Are your Tarps Waterproof?

A - The 14mil Heavy Duty, 16mil Super Heavy Duty and the 18mil Premium Reversible Tarps are made of Poly Ethylene (PE) material and are 100% waterproof. The same is true of our Camo and Clear Tarps, these are also made of PE material and are 100% waterproof tarps. Our Canvas Tarps are made of a woven cotton material and while highly water resistant they are not completely waterproof.

Q - Do any of your Tarps have D-Rings in addition to Grommets?

A - Yes, our Premium 18 mil Tarps have D-Rings on all corners and along all sides of the tarp to provide additional strength for the really tough jobs.

Q - Do you make custom tarps?

A - At this time we do not make customer tarps, we make many different standard sizes that can fit most applications.

Q - Are you tarps housed in a tarp warehouse?

A - We house our tarps in multiple tarp warehouses around the USA.

Q - What are other names for this type of heavy duty tarp?

A - Heavy duty trailer tarps, heavy duty uv resistant tarps, uv protected tarps, uv tarps, and tarps waterproof.

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