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HydraBarrier® Titan (20" Height)

$ 350.00

Length | 12'


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HydraBarrier® Titan (20" Height)

$ 350.00



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      Our tallest water barrier, the easy-to-use, durable, and reusable HydraBarrier Titan solution protects valuable assets from up to 20 inches of water damage. HydraBarrier is an effective alternative to sand bags when it comes to spill containment and similar water control and prevention applications. These large water barriers are durable, come in a variety of sizes, are reusable, and can be filled when needed and emptied once used for simple storage.

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HydraBarrier Titan (20" Height) Sandbag Alternative

Description Price (USD)
HydraBarrier Titan, 20 inch height, 12ft length $350.00
HydraBarrier Titan, 20 inch height, 20ft length $595.00
HydraBarrier Titan, 20 inch height, 50ft length $995.00
HydraBarrier Titan, 20 inch height, 100ft length $1,895.00

The Reusable Sandbag Alternative - HydraBarrier (Sandbag Alternative) Titan Products

Protect your property and land with these simple, reusable, and sizable tube sandbags. These water barriers can be used to divert water from doorways, garages, yards, equipment, or wherever unwanted water threatens. Very large in size these sandbag alternative water barriers are also a great fit for industrial grade applications.

HydraBarrier - The Great Barrier Relief!™

  • Titan Height – tube sandbag diverts up to 20 inches of water 
  • Fill and Empty Quickly – each barrier has a large 4" fill opening for quick filling
  • Easy to Store – heavy duty tubes roll up when done
  • Reusable and Eco-friendly – simply refill with water
  • Durable – made out of industrial strength materials
  • Available in 2 Lengths – to optimize your protection
  • With Extras - order from our website today and receive one FREE HydraBarrier filler and one FREE HydraBarrier patch kit with every HydraBarrier order. $20 retail value

*Note: Returns are subject to a 30% handling charge

Don’t wait until it’s too late, order your HydraBarrier Titan tube sandbag today and be prepared!

Additional Information

HydraBarrier Titan Instructions

HydraBarrier Datasheet

HydraBarrier Repair Instructions

HydraFill Datasheet

HydraBarrier FAQs

Q – How do I use the HydraBarrier?

A – To use the HydraBarrier sandbag alternative, simply fill with water, according to the guidelines given in the instructions.

Q – How much water can a HydraBarrier divert?

A – HydraBarriers sandbags for flooding are designed as a water diversion device and as such can divert endless streams of water. HydraBarrier Supreme can divert up to 12 inches of water, HydraBarrier Ultra can divert up to 6 inches of water, and HydraBarrier Standard can divert up to 4 inches of water. Tip: HydraBarriers are intended for moderate use and are sufficient for moderate rainfall or other sources of steady water streams that need to be diverted.

Q – Can multiple HydraBarriers sandless sandbags be used together?

A – Yes, HydraBarriers were designed to work together to construct large barriers or sandbags for flooding. Simply place your flood bags end to end to increase the length of the barrier. For optimum performance on long barriers it is recommended to use HydraBarrier Links to securely connect HydraBarriers together.

Q – How do I store the HydraBarriers when I’m done?

A – Simply remove the filler cap and drain the water from the HydraBarrier and store in any convenient location. The HydraBarrier will be there waiting for the next time it is needed. Easier than sand tubes, just empty water!

Q – What are HydraBarriers sandless sandbags made of?

A – HydraBarrier Standard and Ultra are made out of industrial strength vinyl and HydraBarrier Supreme is made out of Tarpaulin.

Q – What other applications are HydraBarriers used for?

A – In addition to water diversion and flood control, HydraBarrier sandless sandbags are commonly used as anchors to secure possessions in windy conditions. They are also an excellent solution for anchoring tarps or other covers from blowing away in windy conditions. HydraBarriers are also used for storing and transporting non-potable water as well as erosion control. Check out our other HydraBarriers if you are interested in small sandbags or our HydraSorber if you are looking for a water absorber product.

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HydraBarrier Titan Setup and Filling